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I'm a freelance Web Designer and Developer

Charlie Walton

I'm a freelance Web Designer and Developer as well as a Computing student at The College of West Anglia based in King's Lynn, Norfolk. When building a site for a client I focus on producing something that not only my client wants but also something the sites users will enjoy. I love projects that present a challenge and If I learn something new in the process then it's a bonus.

I pride myself on two things; client relations and fair cost. I'm doing this because it's what I love and it's important for me to make sure you love what I do as well! I do this by keeping you up to date on your projects development so that I can get ongoing feedback. I believe that keeping the client involved is the best way to ensure they are happy with the end product.

I charge a fair rate and am honest about the way I bill my clients, it's simple I have an hourly rate of £10 and I round hours down, not up! Maintenance is cheap and with most tasks taking under an hour it's usually free. To me it's important you know what you're paying for, that's why I made a quote calculator so you can see just how low cost my services are!

Why Choose a Freelancer?

As a freelancer there is no overhead cost to what I do, no office, no bills just me and my computer. This means you don't pay a premium for me to sit in a leather chair at a fancy desk! I only take on one project at a time, this means you have my full attention. I deal directly with my clients and involve them in the project, theres no acount manager, just me.